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Hydration Testing Pen

Soft Mini One

Soft Mini-One is a cosmetic instrument for the determination of the levels of hydration of the skin. The levels of hydration of the skin is fundamental for a healthy complexion. Skin which is well hydrated is younger looking, softer and glowing whilst skin which is poorly hydrated looks thinner, flaky, and dull.

Knowing your customer’s hydration levels is vital to bring back that long sought after glow, replenish moisture levels and prevent ageing of the skin caused by oxidative stress and external factors

The hydration level test is also fundamental before and after a IPL/laser and peel treatments. Good hydration is, in fact, fundamental as it helps the skin to disperse the heat that is generated pre and post IPL/Laser treatments, and will be one of the determining factors, whether to peel or not to peel . The recovery and overall health of a well hydrated skin is much swifter and more controlled. Skin that is not well hydrated may result in an undesirable treatment outcome.

Soft Mini-One is simply placed onto the skin and the result is displayed in a matter of seconds. The result is easily interpreted by referring to a chart which classifies results in ranges according to dryness.

Soft Mini-One has been devised for cosmetic companies and distributors as an effective instrument for the sales and promotion of creams, skincare products and treatment. Sold directly to the general public soon becomes a valuable product which is kept in the handbag so that individuals may test their hydration levels from time to time.

Given hydration is effected by various factors (external and internal), normal values covering all individuals and races unfeasible. The normal values below may be referred to as ‘ideal values’ based on age and season.


Years <25 25-45 >45
Winter 60-75 55-75 50-65
Spring/Autumn 65-80 60-80 55-70
summer 75-90 70-90 60-80

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